Alfonso González Martínez

Pianist | Accompanist | Teacher

Alfonso is a pianist from Spain who came to the Netherlands to complete his education with a Master of Music in Utrecht. Currently based in Rotterdam, he takes part in the busy life of a musician with all kinds of projects from solo concerts to chamber music ensemblesvocal and ballet accompaniment and piano improvisation.

Music has always be a passions of mine. Its power of communication is undeniable. From a very young age I fell in love with this discipline and its possibilities and being able to share it with my community is one of the most rewarding experiences. 

When we talk about classical music we refer to pieces that were composed in the past. But our role as artists and performers is to bring these masterpieces alive in the present and ensure their continuation into the future for the generations to come.


In Honour of Horák (Bass Clarinet & Piano)

It was Czech bass clarinetist Josef Horák (1931-2005) who brought recognition to the bass clarinet as a solo instrument. On 24 March 1955 he gave the world’s first bass clarinet recital, and with his free style of playing, he revolutionised people’s perception of the bass clarinet. In this debut album, we have included only pieces that he loved to play or that were written for him. Works by Sluka, Hindemith, Martinů and more.

Ken Kunita, bass clarinet
Alfonso González Martínez, piano



I have more than 15 years of experience as a vocal and instrumental accompanist for exams, auditions and recordings. My experience also includes choir, ballet and opera accompaniment as well as basso continuo (harpsichord).


My education includes a Master of Music in Performance on Stages. International chamber music and solo piano recitals are an important part of my career.


Being a piano teacher for the last 10 years I have experienced the complexity of the musical language from a pedagogical perspective. I find that music theory and analysis are great tools for the students that are willing to dive into the challenges of piano playing.



Concert as NamasDuo Piano with music for four hands by Schubert and Bizet. 

Concert as NamasDuo Piano with music for four hands by Schubert and Bizet. 

Concert as NamasDuo Piano with music for four hands by L. v. Beethoven. 

A multimedia project inspired by the symphonic music of L.v.Beethoven. Different movements of his nine symphonies will be performed by pianoduos for fours hands on the piano.

Concert with the orchestra of Radiotelevisión Española with works by F. Poulence, A. Copland and A. Dvorák .

Concert with Isabelle Osenau (mezzo-soprano) as part of the concert series ‘Stilteconcert’. Art songs by by several composers with the theme ‘Fire, Earth, Water and Light’. 

Reflections: Classical music & Contemporary dance. 

‘Through the music of Debussy, Ravel, Mahler and others, we encourage our listeners to meditate and reflect. Come and relax in our casual atmosphere: on a cushion, on the floor, in a chair, or whatever you like, while enjoying our concert of voice, clarinet, bass clarinet, piano and contemporary dance.’


Karin Timmerman: voice and dance, Alice Gioria: dance, Ken Kunita: bass clarinet, Abraham Gomez: clarinet

Coffee concert with Karin Timmerman (soprano) as part of the concert series ‘Jong & Bevlogen’. Art songs by Debussy, Berg, Britten, Barber and Schubert. Piano solo works by Brahms. 

Concert with the orchestra of Radiotelevisión Española with works by R. Strauss, A. Scriabin and more.

Concert and book presentation of ‘3 Mythen’. Workds by composer and pianist Gabriele Paulsen.

Concert with the orchestra of Radiotelevisión Española with works by Tomás Marco.


NamasDuo Piano

What compares to a live concert? Live performance is something unique. We offer more than a classical piano recital, we offer an experience. The sparkle of creating music on stage is what drives us. We want to make the connection between the music, the audience and us.


Alberi Duo

The Alberi Duo was founded in 2016. In Italian, Alberi Duo means ‘two trees’. These trees represent the environment where Alfonso Gonzalez (piano) and Karin Timmerman (singing) come from. Alfonso from Galicia (Spain) on the Atlantic Ocean and Karin from Vancouver (Canada) near the Pacific Ocean and at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Karin and Alfonso met in Utrecht in September 2016 and immediately had a musical “click”.

Alfonso Gonzalez Martinez has a Bechstein grand piano on loan from the collection of The Dutch Musical Instruments Foundation